Wood as Unique as Us

I think wood is my favourite material to work with these days… there is something so magical about taking a stick found in a hedgerow, on a beach or in our orchard in Portugal and turning it in to something beautiful; wearable, even.

What I love most is seeing how the wood reveals itself… no one piece is ever the same. From colour to texture to grain, there is beauty in all the individuality.

As we moor our home along these watery roads I often work on the front deck and looking out into the perfect summer evenings (mostly) I think of people and how unique we all are; no two can ever be the same. And yet instead of admiring the soft blush pink of the Arbutus Unedo, the uniformed lines of the Pine, the cracks and lines of driftwood, the paleness of the Lemon, or the mottled shadows of the Pear, somehow we are all guilty of, at times, dismissing our uniqueness as fault, and isn’t that sad?

So whether you have the complexion of a strawberry or lemon tree, a face that has laughed a thousand smiles, or a soul that is perfectly ordered or imperfectly shadowed; these unique pieces of wood will soon be becoming pendants seeking homes with equally unique people.


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