Quiet Space… on the Canals

I have just sent off one of my stories for a little magazine launch… Quiet Space encompasses some of what I personally love about the canals of England … but of course everything else is fictional 😉

Here’s a little taster and you can read the rest, along with eight other stories, in my Short Story / Flash Fiction Anthology: The Times We Had.

Available for instant download right here.

Or as a printed copy right here.

I hope you enjoy it!


Rain was coming down fast and heavy, wind blowing her umbrella inside out. Caroline tried to fight against it to no avail and in a fit of frustration turned into an alleyway, that led to another alleyway, and then another… until she found herself criss-crossing through her home-town on an altogether different journey.

Nestled between the high redbrick walls the umbrella settled and Caroline’s heart slowed as she found herself sucked in by the quiet, and the memories. She had forgotten about this world within a world, this space where she could escape – without escaping – but now she was reminded that right here was where her seeking out of quiet spaces had begun.

As a teenager everyone walked the main road to school, each morning the pavements became thick with blazers, bubblegum, cigarette smoke and black-ringed eyes. Caroline remembered the noise: taunts, laughter, shouting, the rev of an engine, slam of a front door, flick of a lighter, kick of a ball; the spit of saliva. Every noise felt amplified and she’d suck them in, hold them there like an inflating ball until she felt she might explode with the expansion, before silently slipping into her network of alleyways.

Sometimes Caroline could cross the 10 roads to her school without seeing another person.

In these backstreets it was the tumbling of a dried leaf …


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