Earth-Inspired Jewellery

We’re really excited to finally be bringing our woodwork together with jewellery findings, to create wearable items.

Wooden pendants, earrings and rings have all been listed in our shop and there are more to come. Some are made from pine found in the forests that surround our home in Portugal or from the lemon, cherry, strawberry and pear trees we pruned in our orchard. Some pieces we have made from driftwood collected on Welsh beaches during this past winter. We have finished some with antique brass findings; some with sterling silver.

Each item carries with it an individual story and sentiment from the land and for me, there is something magical about the making ~ and wearing ~ of a piece of jewellery that comes from the earth, because it offers something much more meaningful than just buying a necklace mass-produced in a factory.

Creating, labelling and photographing items for sale takes a looooong time. We do everything by hand, even the making and stamping of our display cards, and it is all done with love. In a world where we do a lot of mindless buying from big businesses, it feels good to be producing something ourselves to sell directly to other people who ~ hopefully ~ will feel the same.

Check out our Etsy Shop for more gifts made with love.



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