Forest & Folk Botanicals

We feel really lucky to know personally the people behind Forest & Folk Botanicals. Alissa is an extremely inspiring lady who has spent many years working in Milton Keynes (our home town in the UK) advocating local food in the community… I remember going to the very first farmer’s market she set up in Wolverton many years ago! She is all about organic, community, low-impact, and now she’s turning her attentions to local medicine.

From her beautiful studio located on the ground floor of the South Pavillion at Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Great Linford, she is busy creating the most amazing seasonal herbal goodies to keep the community healthy, and pampered. I am a HUGE fan of her products: calendula salve, dandelion foot balm, cough syrups, sleepy tea; to name just a few. She also organises foraging walks and is keen to show people that there is a lot more to Milton Keynes than just the city centre and concrete cows… there are numerous opportunities to forage for wild food in the vast green spaces this city offers and I can think of no better person to help you discover these gems for yourself.

Open 6 days a week, Alissa is nearly always on hand to invite you into her calming space and talk herbs and health, not to mention show you around the magical half-forgotten walled garden she has not long started uncovering ready to develop it into a well-stocked store cupboard to nurture Forest & Folk Botanicals and the community.

I am SO supportive of this wonderful venture and journey that Alissa has found herself on and implore anyone local to go and check it out in person and feel warmed in the knowledge that there are people out here who care about the world, the environment, and each other! If you are not local then I implore you to visit virtually and find out more.

In my opinion, the world needs more people and projects like this!

Some links:

Forest & Folk Botanicals Website

Facebook Page 

*** As a little side note, Alissa is now stocking some of our earth-inspired natural wooden jewellery in her studio along with lots of other packaging free, artisan made, refillable, zero waste goodies 🙂 ***


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