Life on the Road


Olive and us arrived in Espana yesterday and it feels good to be back in this part of the world.

The air is different, the light brighter, the breeze warmer. We pulled into an Aires in Vitoria Gasteiz, the Basque Capital, and were amazed at how peaceful it was despite it being effectively a huge car-park on the outskirts of a city.

We cooked and ate dinner with the doors flung open; dogs sprawled in their beds outside, and listened to the music drifting from nearby squares. We strolled around town, collected conkers and wandered by groups of people – old and young – enjoying coffee and beer outside the numerous cafes and were amazed to see how dog-friendly this city is.

This morning we rose to more blue skies and walked the back streets enjoying the myriad of murals, watching people shake their bedding out of tower-block windows and discovering tucked away cafes. We bought churros in a small bakery and went back to the van to melt chocolate before enjoying our own traditional Spanish breakfast.

When we’re out and about on the road in the sunshine in a self-sufficient van we are (for a time!) at our most relaxed. What more do you need in life other than that which you can carry on your back (or in a van!)?

Life is sweet on the road: a few good books, a pen and notepad, simple food, each other.


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