The Silence of Snow

I love the silence of snow… lying in bed it closes around us; cocoons us. I can hear no planes in the sky, no cars on the road, no sound but that of nature, of snowflakes falling softly onto our caravan roof.

Reluctant to wake completely I stay motionless, lost in the stillness of it all, but the sound of horses hooves passing the window on the other side of the fence make me realise that it is daylight and animals need feeding. I close my eyes again, grasping a few more moments, lost in the sound of compacting snow beneath hoof.

When in the depths of nature, closed in, I realise I never want for anything like I do for this feeling. The noise of the world we have constructed around ourselves suddenly seems futile, pointless, and just as with the freshness of snow, I want to start again, choose what to grow from this beautiful blank landscape.

My daughter wakes and delights at the sight of real snow; “real snow!” she sings, and hurriedly we pile on layers before venturing outside. The alpacas sorrowful faces look up to us, their ears weighed down with moisture. We scrape thick snow from their troughs and break the ice in their water bucket. The horses are going crazy, galloping around, and we scurry about organising hay for them.

Pausing for a moment I look out to the landscape, relishing the magic of working methodically in snow and I am suddenly overwhelmed by the utter newness of things, of this clean and silent world, un-marked in every way and find myself wishing for snow to fall in my mind.



  1. Lovely post! I always enjoy those silent moment between sleep and taking on the day for some quiet contemplation and feeding the creative process. Important mindspace before the children take it over! 😉 All the best. x

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