About Us


I am Alice, Mum of the ~ Little Loquat ~ family. Along with Mr Loquat (Scott), our daughter and two faithful dogs, we are doing our best to live a creative, freedom-inspired life. Currently we divide time between a little olive grove in the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, Portugal and our free-ranging campervan, Olive.

We love all that is handcrafted, homegrown and inspired by nature and use many found or reclaimed materials discovered on our travels ~ in hedgerows, forests, on beaches and in second-hand markets ~ in our creations. We make entirely by hand, without the use of electricity, as we are passionate about slow & simple living. Alice also writes for both children and grown-ups and creates books and stories for ~ Little Loquat Press ~ the printed-word arm of our business. We sell our creations at craft fairs in the UK & Europe, and via our Etsy Shop and are always open to custom orders.

The name Little Loquat came about when I started work on our forgotten fruit orchard in Portugal. It was the Loquat tree that I pruned first and when I read up about this tree I found that it has many names in many countries and that one of them is Yeni Dunyameaning New World. Somehow it made sense that we be known as Little Loquat because we are a little family making little steps towards our own New World. A world that enables us to work with our own hands and minds, encouraging greater self-reliance, and allowing us to spend more time together.

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Warmest Wishes,

~ Alice ~